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02.04.2020 um 15:45:15
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Starting problems. MB 170S 1950 (Gelesen: 307 mal)
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Starting problems. MB 170S 1950
15.07.2019 um 14:25:42
Dear friends,  
After some test runs with my newly renovated car I decided to do some additional tuning.  
Main reason was a very bad idling and I started to rotate the distributor, adjusted air-screw at carburetor etc.  
As I couldn't really solve the main problem I took some additional measures and had both carburetor as well the as distributor off for cleaning and reviewing all details.  
When everything assembled again suddenly the engine doesn’t even start.  
Starter works fine but the engine doesn’t work. Instead, when starter stops there’s a back-suction through the carburetor and gasoline is spitted out (no air filter mounted.)
No back-fire occurs, but simply a ”cough” with gasoline upwards through the carburetor.  
Here is what I have tested and verified:  
1. Fuel system (from tank, through filter, through pump into carburetor and the needle-valve closes correctly)
2. Coil (ohm measured and seems to work fine)
3. Spark plugs (tested and verified I get a spark outside the cylinder)
4. Breaker (breaker adjustment set according to manual, 0.4mm)
5. Engine position (upper dead position for cyl #1 is set)
6. Compression test (done on cyl#1 when setting the cylinder position).  
7. Battery OK (recharged several times)
8. Carburetor (acceleration pump works fin, gasoline is pumped into the chamber)
Have tried many things but need your help. Smiley
Would appreciate any ideas or thoughts on why engine and despite all ingredients (fuel, air and spark) doesn’t start.  
Thanks in advance!
MB 170S Sedan, 1950
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Re: Starting problems. MB 170S 1950
Antworten #1 - 18.07.2019 um 10:21:37
Hej Thomas, jag har mejlat dig/you have a mail
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