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04.04.2020 um 10:26:51
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170v Pre War Fuel Tanks (Gelesen: 85 mal)
James Allen
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170v Pre War Fuel Tanks
16.03.2020 um 19:17:47
The fuel tanks on 170V pre-war cars have filler caps on the tank. Some cars have the filler cap on the right-hand side and some on the lefthand side.  What is the difference/I have 1937 Cabriolet A. What side should the filler tank cap be located?  Also, there are two tank sizes. Was the 43Ltr tank an option?  I realize the part number and length of the cabriolet A and Roadster tank is different than the sedan. Exactly what is this difference and why? I have two fuel tanks for my car; One 43 ltr with the cap on the Right-hand side. I also have a  32 LTR tank with the cap on the right side. This take came from a sedan.  What would be the recommendations to use either of these tanks on the 1937 Cabriolet A?  I suspect it will be next to impossible to find a Roadster Cabriolet A fuel tank. Thoughts, please.  Thank everyone in advance.
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Re: 170v Pre War Fuel Tanks
Antworten #1 - 16.03.2020 um 19:40:23
hallo James,
the bonnets of the Cabrio-A and Roadster are longer, which results in a smaller interior width at the level of the tank
Gruß, Alfred
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