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Haigern Meeting 2019 (Gelesen: 272 mal)
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Mercedes 170 V Bj.

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Haigern Meeting 2019
10.07.2019 um 13:16:29
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Our anniversary meeting 10 years 170V.de on the Haigern kept everything that I had promised. I ordered Kaiserwetter .... it was ultimately delivered "Kaiserwetter plus plus". The temperatures were between 35 and 38 degrees Celsius, just bearable for humans and machines. No cloud in the sky. On Sunday, temperatures climbed to just under 40 degrees.
106 Mercedes chassis of originally reported 113 drove up on Saturday. Again 10 OTPs (did I count up?). The entire vehicle range ranged from the W15, various W21 on all variants including an ambulance from the 170s to 220s and several "Adenauern".
I want to pick out two delicacies, a 170 S Convertible A with the body number 1 and still in the first paint from Nuremberg, and a 170V Roadster special body of the English body-tailor Hooper (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Hooper_Coachbuilders). The car came from England via Belgium to Switzerland. A single piece? Nobody could answer that.
The visitors came to the jubilee again from all over Germany, from Kiel to Friedrichshafen and Mühldorf am Inn as well as from Zwickau in Saxony to St. Wendel in Saarland. I am particularly pleased about the visits of our foreign forum friends. This year, for the first time on our own axis, a Norwegian came across the Baltic Sea, again of course our friends from Sweden, as always on their own axis. From the Netherlands (this time with a plastic car), from Belgium and French-speaking Switzerland, and traditionally from Austria, the 170's rolled up high. Every three years our forum member Paul from NSW Australia visits us on the Haigern. He has a 170 S in "Down Under" and gets tips from the experts here. I would not like to mention that two young ladies chauffeured their 170s from Bad Kreuznach or Kiel to Haigern and brought them home well.
From a participant, I learned that the car arrived with "loud machine" on the hill and ultimately had to be loaded. Other minor defects could apparently be corrected on the spot. On a car from Friday to Saturday Karl-Heinz (KHK) in Neckarwestheim was screwed until 22:30 clock at night and the 170S from Brunswick helped again on the jumps.
From the exit I received only positive feedback. The route description as text version as well as the GPS variant have arrived much better than the with great effort created map variant. I too always learn!
I hope that all participants came back home safely, that's especially important to me.
I thank my helpers again in this way. And of course, my sincerest thanks to all of you for the generous donation, which for me is a high esteem for my work.
I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did and my family. Do you want to come back to the Haigern in 2020 ??
I greet you warmly, have a lot of fun with our forum (by the way my son Ralf "einrockt" me in 2005 .. these marketing people just ...)
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