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21.05.2019 um 08:26:16
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W136 D ( a )  O.T.P  info wanted (Gelesen: 1035 mal)
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W136 D ( a )  O.T.P  info wanted
29.08.2015 um 13:37:07
Hello to all of you ,
happy to find this Forum only about  Daimler - Mercedes oldtimers.
my father and i had the luck time to find a Mercedes  170  w136 D a OTP, original only the hood and the truck was painted in white.
with the sirene stil on it , the heater and original top  , but the top must be renewed because it’s full of wholes in it.
it came with 3 extra engines and  lot’s of lot’s of part’s .  
the first owner was the Polizei  , the grens patroller officer that drive it in the 50’s was in love with this car, and hy buyd it from his former work as Grenspolizei.
Thats a really interesting car for the collection, and i would like to know more about it.and the internet is full of information but what cane be believed ? ,  
as we see on the papers its W136 D   but after the D is an ( a ) for what meaning is the ( a ) please ?
Also underneath  the passenger seat is a big hole tube next to the battery , what is the purpose of that tube ?
is there a factory plan of it ?  i also had find a small book of the w136 but not Cabrio , or no Polizei ausfuring , i can imagine  that when the polizie  has taken this fahrzeug in Service , that thy has a special developed manuel or book foor it , no ? it would be interesting to find something like that , even if it is a copy .
sorry for all that questions , but we cant be knowing everything  about every old-timer cars or steam engines and tractors ( thats the family's  specialty ).
The only thing that is missing are the 2 Suchscheinwerfers  the bleu and white, and it would be nice to know somebody that would like them to sell to me , i would be very grateful   Zwinkernd
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