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Beitrag begonnen von Attila am 25.08.2017 um 12:03:19

Titel: Started renovation 170 S for Sale
Beitrag von Attila am 25.08.2017 um 12:03:19

Hello to all friends of classic cars and thanks a lot to Günter having the allowance to post this into the forum.
Due to time issues we decided finally to stop the full restauration of our 170S (W136) 1950.
We already invested a lot of time and money and we would like to offer the entire packaging to keep it more simple. Here are some frame informations:
1) All Body Parts (a part of the footboard on the driver side) had been restored by an expert and pinted in middle blue 350.
2) Dry Ice blasting of frame, engine, side aggregates, brake lines and drums and so on.
3) Expert chromium coating (no industrial chroming!) from ALL Chrome Parts (in total 61 pieces) from the front mask up to the ashtray.
4) New wiring harness.
5) New rubbers for the chassis.
A lot of suppl. Pieces (we have picked up at the time the car itself + 1,2 MT pieces – some are double and some even in origin packaging.
Further information by mail – best would be of course to visit us (DE-35585 Wetzlar) – if so a lot of time is needed as there is a lot to see.
Thanks a lot Marion Deboben (marion.deboben@t-online.de)

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